About us

Istanbulhair.eu has a young team with most experience Doctors in medical
and hair treatments. Our hospital is has been award for the best services and cleanest operation theater in Istanbul.

Our vision is to provide medical aesthetic applications services in the City of Istanbul,
where we are specialize Hair Transplantation.

Since its establishment in Turkey, Instabulhair.eu and  aesthetic department has been offering high valued and high quality services and experiences to thousands of patients from all over the world in areas like :
hair transplantation and hair treatments, laser hair removal, local slimming and cellulite treatment, anti-aging, foot care, plastic surgery, spot treatment, botox, fillers, in  and tattoo removals.

In the field of hair transplantation and hair treatments, our center is among the leading medical centers in Turkey and is constantly working on new innovations in its technology by closely monitoring and following the latest technologically developments in the world.

All of our personnel are very smiley and professional. They offer quality service understanding. Instabulhair.eu serves its clients with its clean and stylish clinics and their approach to customer satisfaction is the best. Our hospital has an established place in the field of plastic surgery, medical aesthetics and hair regrowth therapies.

As Instabulhair, we are constantly pursuing new innovations as our first discipline and excitement. We are motivated by all of the positive feedback that you can offer us. We expect all of our branches to offer the same service of quality and expertise.

Feel free to send us an e-mail or please join a free consultation in one of our branches

Regards, Team Istanbul Hair

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