Before the hair transplant operation, the hair space is determined in the examination after the quality and intensity of the donor area are checked. At this point, a plan for the hair transplant can become a reality. In some cases, the hair follicles in the donor area may be found to be weak, non-living or feathery. Before the operation takes place, the plan is that the ACELL + PRP will be applied to the thin hair follicles to make them more healthy. Then, the hair trans-plant is made ready for placement on the donor area.


Acell + Prp is a special technology that consists of a combination of vitamins, drugs and PRP that are developed to establish cell-to-cell connections for hair problem treatments.
The product was approved through the FDA in the Extracellular Matrix America. It ’s safety and usage in plastic surgery was approved with the 510K certificate. The reliability of the method has been explained by the FDA. Since 1998, the method has actually been used for scarring, burns and even organ breaks. This formula started being used in hair regrowth treatments in 2008.


Because the A Cell triggers the healing process by producing tissue again by using the PRP, it is a great benefit that helps your existing hair increase its quality and it helps prevent hair loss from happening in the future. While it is not seen as suitable to use this method with people that have hair loss problems or hair illnesses, it is a method that increases the success of a hair transplant in both the hair implantation itself and the preparation of the treatment.


In the Acell PRP Treatment, it begins with a special solution in the treatment of PRP by mixing the PRP (that is taken from your own blood), vitamins and special medicines. Tissue production is accelerated by activating the surviving stem cells and growth factors in the PRP from your own blood. This application lasts about 1 hour and is administered in a clinical way with a micro-needle device and injection. Local anesthesia is applied before the application and you should not feel any pain. During the procedure, the injection process is started by targeting the hair follicles with small movements. The PRP that is taken from your own blood activates the incoming stem cells and growth factors and enables them to work with the modeling system by copying the robust tissue around the activated stem cells. In this way, the dead cells around your hair begin to revitalize and become healthier and stronger.

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