Istanbul Hair Offering The Best Hair Treatment Services In Istanbul, Turkey

If you are looking for the best medical clinic in Istanbul, Turkey that offers top-notch quality hair treatment services to its clients, look no further than Istanbul Hair.

Your hair is the most important part of your appearance and it sets the tone for your entire look. A good-looking hair enhances your personality. With a bad hairstyle you come off as a lazy person or someone with really low self-esteem.

Istanbul Hair specializes in all sorts of hair treatments including hair transplantation. Some of the unique services offered at the clinic include: unlimited hair craft for men and women, longhair treatment, eyebrow and beard treatment, unshaved hair treatment for ladies, and plastic surgery.

Istanbul Hair does Unlimited Hair Crafts for a Fixed Price. Their offer lasts till 1 April – 3000 till 5000 Hair Crafts for 1799, 00. If you decide to enjoy the services of this unique hair treatment center, a Special VIP pick-up and delivery to and from the airport is guaranteed. Istanbul Hair offers clients a lot of benefits, including a Free Consultation, 2 Days at The Hilton Istanbul, PRP Plasma Treatment Free (normal price is 800 Euro), Medical Drug and Shampoo (For Free), Unshaved Treatment with FUE or DHI Technique, Beard Treatment, Eyebrow Treatment, and Longhair Treatment for Ladies ( who don’t want to shave their hair totally).

Istanbul Hair also specializes in Brazilian Butt, Liposuction, Face Whiting, Nose Surgery and Correction, Breast Lift and Correction and Breast Cupsize. These extra treatments start from 2000, 00 Euro. Istanbul Hair charges 50% less than other hair treatment clinics in Europe.

Istanbul Hair has 5 top clinics in Istanbul and their doctors are popular in Istanbul. They offer their unique services to Film stars from Istanbul, Bollywood and Pakistan. Since the past 12 years, Istanbul Hair has successfully completed more than 12,000 hair operations, using the latest techniques.

For more information on all products and services offered at the clinic, visit Istanbul Hair’s website at

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