Unlimited Hair Crafts for a Fix Price

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Istanbul Hair

You may have no idea how important it is to have good looking hair until you put together an outfit for a classy dinner and realize that your hair spoils the effect, making you look like an old maid.

The truth is; your hair is an integral part of your appearance, and it gives a lasting impression when you meet someone. It is therefore, it is therefore your sole responsibility to give it the best care you can possibly get. What better place to get that quality hair treatment than at Istanbul Hair.

Istanbul Hair is one of the leading medical clinics in Istanbul, Turkey we specializes in all sorts of hair treatments including hair transplantation. Some of the unique services offered at the clinic include;

  • Unlimited hair crafts for men and women
  • Longhair treatment
  • Eyebrow and beard treatment
  • Unshaved hair treatment for ladies
  • Plastic surgery

Since its establishment, Istanbul hair has taken an innovative approach towards providing a top-notch quality service to its clients, and with its team of young and experienced doctors, you are assured of first-class treatment. Also, the clinic charges 50% less than other hair treatment clinics in Europe.

If you do decide to enjoy the services of this unique hair treatment center, a special VIP pick-up and delivery to and from the airport is guaranteed. You will also be provided a 2-day recovery time in a luxurious 5-star hotel here in Istanbul.

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