The flight duration from Europe is only about 3 hours. We are delighted in helping you fainding the best flight in your area.

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Hitlon Hotel is situated immediately in the vicinity of your clinic.
Your Hotel offers a 24-hours reception and modern, air-conditioned rooms with a Flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi.
The rooms in the hotel are comfortable decorated in warm colors and offer carpets, a Minibar and a water cooker. Enjoy the view of the city from your room. The restaurant invites you for a meal in the open with an open area. Vegetarian and diabetic Menus are available on request.


We pick you up at the airport with modern  vehicles. Your transfer brings you to your hotel and then you will have some preliminary talks at the clinic. After the talk, you will have time for sight-seeing in the city and thereby be relaxing for tomorrow’s treatment.

1. Contact

If you are interested in having a hair transplant, contact us at any time at 0031(0) 6 29 50 60 80 or by email at

We need some your personal details and good photographs of you beforehand with which we will arrange an individual schedule for your hair transplant.

2. Send photos

Please take photographs of your exact hair condition as detailed as possible and send us them digitally either by E-Mail at or through WhatsApp on 0031(0) 6 29 50 60 80 Based on these first impressions, we will determine your treatment expenses for you and immediately send you detailed cost estimates.

3. Arranging the Date of Operation

If you have agreed with our cost estimates, we can shortly agree on an appointment for surgery for your hair transplant. We will book the transfer and the hotel. You will not need to make reservations. (Excluding your flight).

4. Booking Flight and Hotel

If the arrangement for your hair transplant is fixed and you have provided your deposit, then we will quickly initiate all further steps for your transfer and your accommodation. You need not bother with other details, and only your flight remains to be booked.

5. Travel and Pickup

After you are picked up at the airport, we request you to immediately arrive at the Meeting Point (Vodafone Store just beside the passport checking point). Our Transfer Team will await you here and receive you. Together with our team, you will directly and easily arrive at your hotel.

6. Day 1 | Arrival

The first day of treatment, you will arrive at your hotel and relax in your new luxurious surroundings. We all this first day of rest to give you peace of mind in your treatment and upcoming surgery. You will be picked up from the hotel shortly before your arrangement and then brought to the clinic.

7. Day 2 | The Operation

On the second day, the actual operation will then take place, to which you will be picked up directly from your hotel. In the clinic, warten first a preliminary examination, hair analysis and a preliminary discussion with our specialists on your hair transplant will await you. Warning: Your hair will be trimmed very short before the actual operation to achieve optimum results. The actual operation is very easy for you. You will be anesthetized locally at the areas to be handled and during the process you can entertain yourself with music or TV. The operation itself takes time between three and eight hours depending on transplant volume. After the operation, you will be brought back to your hotel.

8. Day 3 | Follow Up and Travel Back

One day after the operation a follow-up examination awaits you in the clinic, for which you will be picked up again. Here you will get further information on the appropriate behavior after the operation. Our transfer service will bring you directly to the airport- allowing you to take your stress-free flight back home.

Your checklist after the hair transplant

After the Treatment: Day 1

Pay attention to the following instructions after the operation! The first night after the FUE operation:

    • No hard work, no stress, no sex, no sport nor alcohol!
    • Your neck should not be strained during sleep
    • Please don’t wear anything over the head, e.g. tight hoodies. Wear shirts.
    • When washing there should be no bleeding or bruises.
    • Take the medications as instructed by the doctor!
    • One may wash the operated area after 24 hours, better yet after 48 hours.
    • Wear a cap when you are outside.

After the Treatment : Day 2 till Day 15

The first 15 days

  • Protect your hair 15 days after the operation from too strong and direct sunlight.
  • Don’t go into the swimming pool or to the sea!
  • There is no scar, and the tiny crusts will heal up in 2 days.
  • Thereby, there is no skin tissue removed in FUE, and no cut wounds arise, you will also feel no numbness.

Hair Washing after the FUE Operation

  • You can wash your hair as normal at home on the 3rd day. Please use the prescribed lotion on the implanted area and the donor area. Let the lotion work for around 15 minutes, and then you can wash it off with lukewarm water!
  • You can wash the donor area totally regularly but wash the embedded area deliberately. Dab it only, DO NOT rub it! Post-operational washing instructions are similar. Wash your hair with plenty of lukewarm water! Please do it a bit long.
  • Avoid Rubbing for 15 Days. The crusts from the extraction point and the implant area will fall off after a week.
  • Do not use any hair dryer! Dry your hair with a hand towel without rubbing! Press and dab only!!
  • Don’t use any hair gel and spray!
  • No utilice gel o spray para el cabello

Sporting Activities:

  • You may do some light sports that do not strain you and do not put pressure on your head.
  • Avoid strong sunlight 4-6 weeks after the operation!

General Healing Process

1st Day: You get a bandage – Come to the clinic for after-control

2nd Day: The healing process is going on, which is normal- You don’t need to worry yourself.

3rd Day: Wash your hair as recommended, if you are in Istanbul, we will do the washing.

10th Day: Little by little, the crusts fall off as the hair is washed.

15th Day : The healing process is finished.

3rd Week: 60% of the implanted hair fall off. Don’t be alarmed. It’s a normal process. The roots remain.

8th-12th Weeks: The roots of the fallen hair and the remaining implanted hair start their growth.

6th Month: All implanted hair grow and you are now allowed to visit a hairstylist for the first time.

It may take up to 12 months to get the end result.

Please send your picture by whatsapp, so we can help you faster for your Consult.
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